Conditions and Solutions

Regardless of the condition, a solution can be found

I am committed to support you as you rediscover hope. I will explain the assessment process and assist you to build your goals for counselling, sort out what is not working for you and why you’ve sought outside help. I will guide you as you build skills and changes that will help reframe, review and rewrite the future in your terms. You will develop a sense of what you are working toward and know when you are reaching it. Then, with your dedication and will, you will rediscover your inner strength and resilience.

Most of us have coping strategies that we use when things get tough, such as avoid others, engage in activities or turn to peers to help us push through. Sometimes these efforts aren’t enough. This is the time to seek professional assistance. Moving through challenges with the help of a therapist can be freeing. Enjoying the benefits of therapy success is liberating.

Seeking renewal, rediscovering hope and changing is a lifelong process filled with opportunities and possibilities. Many studies have been done to identify factors that contribute to a client’s success in therapy. Results show that the alliance, trust and understanding between a therapist and client are key.  I will roll up my sleeves and unpack difficult and complex issues with you.

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