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How to Choose the “Right” Therapist for You

Any Google Search will produce a list of therapists/counsellors for your choosing. The question is… which therapist is good for you? Here are some questions to consider:

1. What is it like to speak with the therapist when inquiring about therapy? Do you feel comfortable? Does the therapist sound easy and down-to-earth? Do you feel that the conversation is flowing smoothly, and there is a good balance of empathy verses providing facts? Or, instead, does the therapist sound distant or too sure of him or herself? [click title to read more…]

What is Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a broad term that involves a process involving a trained professional, and an individual, couple or family (the “client”) where certain issues, stressors or mental health concerns are treated and conflicts are resolved in a way that is crafted and interpreted as “good” by the client. [click title to read more…]

Reframing Hope after Separation and Divorce | How is it possible?

People seek therapy to help them decide whether to stay in a marriage, leave marriage or make the transition from marriage to being single again. These goals can be addressed in individual or couple’s therapy (and involve children). Divorce is likely to bring up painful feelings like tremendous sadness, guilt, anger, confusion, fear, loneliness and shame whether a person is the “leave-er” or the “leave-ee”. If children are involved, the stress level is compounded by another layer of pressure. People leave relationships and marriages for a number of reasons or a mixture of reasons. [click title to read more…]

Social Anxiety

Shy or Too Scared: Social Anxiety According to Columbia Medical Centre researchers and the National Association on Mental Illness (NAMI), Social Anxiety  is the most common type of anxiety reported. Social anxiety disorder,  also known as a social phobia, occurs when...

The Tricky Business of Consequencing

When tempers are rising and your child has broken a rule, it is tempting to consequence BIG. Many parents get frustrated and consequence or impose a grounding for long periods of time so their kids FEEL the punishment. [click title above to read more…]

Calm Down! Easy Ways to Face Anxiety

When anxiety is too much to take

Am I crazy to be feeling this stressed? Will a good night’s sleep cure these headaches? According to the National Institute of Mental Health, Anxiety Disorders are the most common mental health challenges reported to doctors and other health care professionals. [click title above to read more…]

That Was Then and This Is Now

Raising my teen into an appreciative, socially conscious young adult
The world in which our child is growing differs from the one we knew. Social media, and traditional telecommunication (remember cable television?) connect us to information in the blink of an eye. Marketers bank on us falling prey to the desire to accumulate “stuff” (a reference to the comedian, George Carlin, for those who are old enough to remember). Commercials for back to school play like a well-orchestrated music video. [click title to read more…]

Counselling for LGBTTQQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Trans, Two-spirit, Queer, Questioning)

Many adults who identify with these terms do come for counselling related to something associated with identity. Other adults attend counselling for issues unrelated to their sexuality. Almost always, issues are compounded by the effects of the stresses and strains individuals have experienced, or are still experiencing, from dominant attitudes in the dominant culture, including homophobia and heterosexism. If you want the help of a professional, seek counselling from someone who is familiar with this clientele, [click title to read more…]

Am I Raising an Overindulged Kid?

When striking a balance is a challenge
You and your children make the annual trip to the mall or big box store for back-to-school, special occasion supplies/clothing, or prom attire. You grit your teeth at the thought of how much things cost these days.

Your child sees another item not on the list…perhaps it is the latest gadget, toy, or a piece of clothing. You see it as a “want”, but not a “need”. You tell your child, no, and before you know it, your daughter is stomping her feet and raising her voice with displeasure. [click title to read more…]

My Teen Is Driving Me Crazy

How to keep your cool in the warmer weather 101
There are three empty glasses on the coffee table and no one is claiming ownership. You have been at work all day so they were not from you. Only your teen has been home but he is not claiming the triumph. You say something about the empties. He shrugs but does not lift his eyes from the tablet/cell phone/laptop/gaming system. Instead, he grunts. You mention dinner and get a similar response—a mere eye roll, and a mumble of something resembling, “whatever”. Is this the same kid who was sad to leave me before summer camp in grade 4? [click title to read more…]